How Retail Apps Are Improving Business

As a business operator of any size, it’s important to always be aware of new and upcoming methods to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your operation. Unfortunately it doesn’t make sense being a smaller scale operation to invest money into an application designed to benefit larger organizations. There are a variety of technology companies now creating applications designed to customize interface and infrastructure for small businesses. These customizable features are allowing limitless capabilities and the opportunity for businesses to create a unique shopping experience for each of their customers.

Why Cookie Cutter Solutions Don’t Work All The Time

What we’re seeing now in today’s modern SaaS technology landscape that has existed for decades is the one-size-fits all solution. While they address the majority of online and/or offline business needs, as a smaller startup that focuses on low costs and scalability, not all systems work for them. Every business is unique and having the proper business apps are essential to growth. In the retail industry, the experience of a shopper depends both on the product being sold and the environment in which products are placed. Custom app design companies like Electric Bench are creating tailored solutions that give shoppers an experience that enhances their experience in-store and continues to connect with them after they’ve left.

Take for example the ability to let shoppers know of current promotions going on for retail items and make it time sensitive. Custom applications are being created that notify shoppers not only of what’s going on with your brand currently but what will happen tomorrow, next week, and even next month. Shoppers can interact with the application,  receiving more information about a particular product that they’re interested in. The major benefit for a brand or company is that they can gate this information, requiring shoppers to give crucial information that can increase sales such as emails, shopping tendencies, and survey responses.

Let Shoppers Visualize Data

Another great benefit to using smart apps in your business is the opportunity for shoppers to visualize data. Spreadsheets and blocks of writing are not always appealing to the short attention span of today’s shoppers. With the physical retail stores competing with the online shops, every edge counts in an industry as competitive as this. Fashion giant Zara allows shoppers not only to try on clothing at their stores, but get a 3d representation of the article on an interactive app. The exact specifications of the item is listed within the app, and you can even pre-order items that haven’t been placed on the shelves of physical locations yet.

To get an idea of more possibilities that businesses have with the development of smart apps and unique app designs for any kind of company, see what Electric Bench is doing. Their applications are custom-made and can be tailored to suit the needs for any business looking towards scaling upwards and improving their business. Their Facebook and Twitter feed are active and you can tell by their LinkedIn page that their customers are happy and steadily increasing.


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