How Technology is Improving Our Lives

How Technology is Improving Our Lives in the Form of Mobile Applications, Beacons, and Wearables

 We’re living in an age where once seemingly difficult tasks in daily life have become simplified with technology. Data of any nature is available at our finger tips and the wearables that once seemed unnecessary and not useful. Not only is technology making things easier, it’s making our world faster, more productive, more efficient, and more connected than ever before. Take a look what aspects of life the mobile applications, beacons, and wearables available now are changing for the better.

Communication is Simpler

The ability to communicate with people within our personal networks and outside of them has reached new heights with new smart apps. There are now thousands of ways to communicate with others around the entire globe, and different applications cater to different groups or networks. Technology is allowing us to deliver data to another location on the opposite end of the world instantaneously. Applications now allow someone to stream video data from their phone to thousands of followers in real-time, and to communicate with others in multiple countries at the same time. Social media not only allows for us to stay connected with status updates, we’re able to post videos, images, our thoughts, and even how we’re feeling on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

Traveling Has Never Been More Convenient

With modern app technology, we’re capable of purchasing plane tickets with a few swipes or clicks. Traveling had always been considered as a complicated and tedious task in terms of preparing for travel, purchasing tickets, and knowing when the best time to travel is or the optimal time to purchase a ticket would be. Not only are we able to travel easier, we’re able to read the reviews of different travel destinations from thousands of other travelers. From restaurants, to museums, to activities, there has been someone who has experienced it and written a review about it.

A New Retail Experience 

Technology has even improved our shopping experience. Companies like Electric Bench are creating smart beacons that are being paired with wearable technology, which allows shoppers to receive information about their favorite brands at any time, and can even receive promotional offers and discounts when entering different retail locations. Beacons within a store will notify a shopper of what a brand is currently offering, what to expect in the future, and even what other shoppers are purchasing the most. Information from shoppers are being relayed back to these brands, allowing them to tailor a unique and enjoyable experience for every customer, both new and repeat.

Virtual Money is Spreading

Our lives have been dramatically easier with the introduction and widespread use of virtual currency. App technology has reached a point where a dinner bill can be paid simply by using an application and connecting it with a bank account. Virtual currency makes things simpler by reducing the need for physical currency such as coins and bills. If you’re in a place where virtual currency is still not accepted, you can quickly transfer funds from one account to another through the use of smart apps. Unless, you’re broke, there will never be a reason for you to not have money readily available at any given time.


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