To bring you the most affordable easy to use conference application we combined:

A belief that learning   discovery is a fluid   dynamic process that adapts to each human so that their experience and recollection is profound and enduring

A design of integrated   valuable learning content   techniques with clients that makes uses of the very best in latest technology

A delivery solution of elegant user functionality for excellent experience, performance   business analytics of the design function. Read More…



The DRUID Safety App is used in conjunction with DRUID Beacons to create real-time awareness and supervision of safety, superseding behavioral safety approaches and giving extreme   rapid safety performance improvements of over 80% within one month.

The DRUID Safety App along with DRUID Beacons is designed to deliver location and user specific information, warnings, tasks and behavioral reminders to the users Smart Phone or tablet. This information is targeted to the job role, performance targets   leadership actions of each employee, supervisor   manager and contractor. The DRUID Safety App’s messaging system combines occupational safety   process safety controls by making use of nudge theory and positive qualitative leading indicators custom designed for the specific application. Furthermore, the messaging system is dynamic and can be pushed in any language and updated at any time using the powerful website administration system.

DRUID Beacons can be located, programmed to trigger a specific function and also be moved at any time to suit the ever changing needs of a hazardous environment. Read More…



HECTOR stands for “Human-Elephant Conflict Tool for Ongoing Research’. Recent studies have shown an increase in the conflict between humans and elephants therefore the need arose to find a way to collect the data surrounding these incidents. When villagers witness elephants outside of their protected areas (PA), they use HECTOR to input data such as: location of HEC, number of elephants including specifics such as female / male ratio and age. Electric Bench is proud to sponsor this app as one of our first charity initiatives.


Find your Best Friend a Friend. Kibble is a location based dating app built specifically for you to find a mate for your mate. Dog and Cat owners alike can chat and arrange play dates for their furry friends. The app also displays a variety of listings for pet friendly parks, hotels, restaurants, grooming parlours, pet stores and more!


MAGNUS MUNDI BRINGS YOU BOTH IN A BRILLIANTLY SIMPLE OPEN PLATFORM. Visitors who enter galleries, museums are can now receive a mobile experience that is highly relevant, convenient, and delivered in a timely and seamless manner. No messing about with QR codes or searching, the relevant content appears on your screen about the object/piece you are looking at right then and there. Beacons also trigger audio tours therefore eliminating the need to rent expensive and clunky gear. Through the Magnus Mundi app the user will also receive the best deals and special offers before anyone else!



Shappit is a cutting edge retail application jam packed with amazing features including an easy to use route planning tool and your very own fashion picker. Shappit uses ibeacon technology to bring you the latest offers and special deals from the store that you have selected. Shappit allows you to find and save products and deals and even compare prices.


SlidR brings brilliant customer interaction and relationship management to F&B. Integrating web platform, App & Smart Beacons & Wearables into one simple package. Bring high precision customer behaviour & seamless ordering to your premises.


YORGI is a cutting edge mobile application that allows people to find special offers and deals and offers that are so commonly overlooked. Users can search for drink specials such as ‘happy hours’, great deals on food such as ‘2 for 1’, ‘half-price’ or ‘all-you can eat’. Users can also filter their search results in order to find fantastic deals on entertainment such as discounted admissions, free entrance between certain hours, or even to find incredible acts or shows that the user would not normally hear about.

YORGI is easy to use. By employing the same ‘swipe’ method used in other popular apps such as Tinder, it is quick and easy to flip past the deals that you are not interested in. Read More…


The way of protecting people from harm, wherever they are, whatever they do;

The technology to release the potential of all leaders through the value of processes and procedures;

A platform for realizing & maximizing the investments already made through a whole new way of engaging with each other;

By creating sustainable behaviors and culture that preserve excellence

By employing highly innovative and impactful coaches to co-design solutions with our clients;

By bringing the best of safety management & leadership, technical & technological solutions and culture change processes to our community;

By offering assessments, tools, monitoring processes to generate exceptional safety outcomes.


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