When’s the last time you found yourself standing on the corner of This Street and That Road in a new city, wondering what restaurants and bars are nearby? You try going to the right, and walk for 2km without seeing so much as a McDonalds. So you head North. Dry cleaners… post office… office building… office building… stray cat… office building. *sigh* “Should we turn left or right? Can yousee anything good down there?”
30 minutes later you end up in a crappy bar with soggy fries priced at 3 times the average price of fries at any other bar you’ve been to. The drinks seem to be made from rubbing alcohol and the server may or may not have showered within the last week. You pay the bill, step outside, and make a left turn and BAM – “Man, that’s where we should have gone.” Sitting right in front of you is a restaurant from your dreams (well, compared to what you just came out of anyway). Had you walked just a few steps further, you would have found what could possibly be the best restaurant you’ve ever eaten in.
Now, rewind to the beginning where you’re standing at the crossroads of This Street and That Road looking for a place to chill out, eat some grub and wet your whistle. Instead of wandering aimlessly for 30 minutes, you take out your phone and open the YORGI (My Locator) app. What you now have at your fingertips is a guide to every restaurant in the area, listed from closest to furthest. Just swipe through the daily specials and restaurant bios until you find something of interest. Click on the map, and you’ll be directed step-by- step on how to get there. Find a place you like, but don’t feel like walking? YORGI can link you directly to the local taxi service.
Yorgi comes with jam packed to with features to help you find your next event. These features have been carefully selected to provide the utmost in user friendliness. Yorgi’s Beacon technology helps you even when you have arrived at your event.